Connected to the Arts


Connected to the artsArt is a form of communication that can access parts of the human mind that literal language cannot. At Manaluna, our goal is to interact with the inner workings of ourselves and develop tools to live a healthy life. Our center is in the process of developing sessions that will contain various artistic elements, giving our clients an outlet and freedom to express themselves on a deeper level. We look forward in seeing the creative communication that will come of our clientele.

Since the grand opening of our wellness center Sandra Veneman from the chartruese muse, a local art gallery located in downtown Modesto, has been hand picking various pieces created by artists in the area. We currently have displayed a watercolor ink series of hummingbirds by Corey West and an original Longlady by Sandra herself. Many clients have commented on how the art brightens the space and is complimentary to the healing ambience at Manaluna.